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Super Junior - Only U (Lyric Video) #WeWillWaitForLeeteuk

Super Junior's single "Only U" from their sixth album Repackaged Version "SPY". This new track was composed by Leeteuk, with the lyrics by Leeteuk and Donghae, to express the group's gratitude for their fans.

Best viewed in HD 720p, buffering may vary. This video is dedicated to Super Junior and their huge fanbase community, Everlasting Friends. Enjoy!

The reason for this creation was that I would dedicate this video to our LEADER TEUK or Park Jung-Soo, who will enlist in the army this October 30, 2012.

Similar with what I did to Heechul, I want Leeteuk will personally watch this to show how much we love and support him,. So to all of my subscribers here on Youtube and Facebook, I would request to post / tweet this video link into his official Twitter account. It would mean so much to me. Thank you.

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